Taylor & Ryan’s Wedding – Hair and Makeup by Carla Pressley

This beautiful wedding at the St. Regis in Washington, D.C. was absolutely breathtaking. From the dress to the décor, the music to the flowers, everything about this event was magical. Seeing all the other wonderful wedding vendors in attendance was also an incredible experience. Most of all, it was an honor that the beautiful bride, Taylor, chose me, to provide her hair and makeup style for her big day!

Taylor and Ryan's Wedding IMAGE2.JPG

You may take a closer look at Taylor and Ryan’s wedding by following this link: https://www.bowtiephoto.com/blog/2018/10/3/taylor-amp-ryan-st-regis . There you will see photography by Bow Tie Photo & Video that really captures how beautifully Taylor’s hair and makeup turned out. I pulled her hair back into an elegant bun that was an absolute showstopper, and it perfectly complemented the playful sparkle of her sleeveless dress. With her hair slicked back, I also made sure to add a little boldness with eyeliner and a red lip that popped as she stood with Ryan at the altar. Check out the photos of Taylor and Ryan’s wedding day and imagine the styling I could do for you on yours!

Whether for your wedding or just a special occasion, if you’re looking for the best styling for hair and makeup in Washington, D.C., request as appointment with me, Carla Pressley Hair and Makeup!