What to Know for Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

You always put thought into finding the best gifts for your significant other, and you do your finest to surprise him or her on Valentine’s Day. This year, you should surprise them with a boudoir photo shoot. This is the perfect personalized gift for your significant other.

Also, if you’re planning to get married or you’re just feeling fun and spontaneous, there is almost nothing more exciting than a boudoir photoshoot to celebrate how fabulous you are. With a fun photoshoot like this, you won’t be disappointed by the way these photos will forever encapsulate your fun, flirty side.

While you have done a lot of research on the professionalism and discretion of boudoir photography, you probably still have some questions. You want these photos done well, after all! If you are thinking about setting up a boudoir photo shoot, check out some essential things you need to know.

Embrace Confidence 

There is nothing hotter than confidence, but a boudoir photo shoot requires a different kind openness than you might be used to. It’s important that you prepare for the fact that these kinds of photoshoots might require you to expose your vulnerabilities. The great thing about scheduling a shoot like this is that it will help you become more confident with yourself. Even if you don’t feel confident right off the bat, this kind of photography encourages you to embrace your insecurities in all their beauty. You’re going to feel empowered, and that confidence is going to stay with you even after the photoshoot ends. 

Find the Perfect Outfit

While many boudoir photo shoots allow you to do wardrobe changes, you may find that a single outfit is all you need. When it works, it works! As you begin shopping for your boudoir photo shoot, make sure you try on every outfit that you want to wear until you find the perfect fit. You’re going to want to feel comfortable so that you can work your angles at peak confidence. Consult a styling expert as you shop to make sure you find the outfit that is perfect for your body and style.

Get Your Hair and Makeup Done

Having your hair and makeup professionally done for the photo shoot is a great way to ensure that you get the look that you want and the confidence you need before the session begins. That’s why you need the best hair and makeup artists in Washington, DC. Boudoir photo shoots tend to emphasize the eyes, so be sure that your makeup artist knows how accentuate your lashes, brows, and the rest of your gorgeous features. Whether you want a playful look or a sophisticated updo, for the best styling, make sure you contact Carla Pressley for hair and makeup in Washington, DC

Confident Model

Select the Right Photographer

Perfect outfit, perfect hair, perfect makeup – while you’re looking and feeling amazing, the most essential part of your boudoir photoshoot is ensuring you have a photographer who makes you feel comfortable in your skin. Do your research to make sure your photographer is the right one for you. Some of the best in DC are Arielle Lewis, Lisa Damico, and Sarandipity Photography.

Schedule Your Shoot

You’ve done your research, and you’re ready to feel fun, confident, and have the most exhilarating photo shoot of your life. Schedule an appointment with me for a boudoir photo shoot – hair, makeup, and photographer included!