Welcome!  I am so excited for the opportunity to help you find your perfect look for the event you are preparing for.


I have served over 150 weddings.  Every wedding, every bride, every groom is a completely unique experience.  



My touch has been described as soft and natural. It's enough to satisfy the camera but still leave you feeling like YOU! 


With 10 years of experience, 8 of which I cut and colored hair in a salon,  I know what works. Whether your hair is thick, fine, curly, wavy, or straight, I know how to get the look you want and make it last all night. Having curly hair myself, I specialize in styling curly hair, but I have extensive experience dealing with all hair types. 



I'm always in the photo studio helping you feel confident in front of the camera!



Men make fantastic eye candy for the runway spotlight, the magazine cover, or the media photo shoot. That’s why I chose to be a men’s makeover artist with all my specializations.  


If you need fashion week mobile makeup artists and hair stylists, then you need me in your lineup. I have worked with clients such as Kate Spade, Martha Stewart weddings, and Project Runway. Media events and runways call for a particular style and a specialized application of makeup and beauty tools to ensure that each look can withstand the lights, sweat, outfit changes, media photos, and even close-ups.