Meet Carla Pressley Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist


I’m Carla Pressley and I do hair and makeup! I’m a mixed chick born the year of the DOG in July which makes me a fiercely loyal sentimental Cancer. I also talk to most dogs and have been the proud mother to two Korean Jindo dogs. I laugh EXACTLY like my two brothers, TRY eating vegan most of the time, LOVE yoga, and tear up EVERY time dads see’s the bride for the first time. I was born in Kentucky on a military base but spent a lot of time growing up in Korea.

I’m a proud ARMY brat! HooAH!!

I began my career in the beauty industry over 12 years ago with PR @ Partners, a Washington D.C area franchise salon and MAC Cosmetics.

I have a background in the fashion Industry as well as in the Salon. I can cut and color hair, although now a days I mainly style hair and do makeup on location.

I’m #blessed to work with clients of all colors, cultures, hair types, and complexions.

No matter what makes us different, theres so much more that makes us the SAME.

Past Clients include PROJECT RUNWAY, Macy’s, Tarte, Marc Jacobs, RuPaul, and Martha StewartWeddings amongst others.

I pride myself in HELPING you feel confident from the inside out. People always compliment me for creating a calming environment.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you create the look YOU want from the wedding aisle to the runway!

LGBTQIA Friendly!