Getting Your Dream Skin With Arbonne

What’s the hottest trend for 2019? Smooth and glowing skin! Whether you’re dealing with early signs of aging, acne, or dry skin, it’s time to make your face your top priority. If dewy is your resolution, you’re not alone. Everyone is talking about how important clear and beautiful skin is. Luckily, your mobile makeup artist in DC can help. Arbonne is revolutionizing the skincare and makeup industry with their lines of botanically-based products. Finally, something that actually works! With the right skincare, you can put your best face forward this year.

What is Arbonne?

If you take a look at many of your current skin care bottles, you’ll probably notice a whole slew of unsavory chemicals. You may think that these ingredients are helping your skin, but they could be doing more harm than good. Arbonne is different. Instead of packing their products full of cheap and harmful chemicals, Arbonne has decided to take an all-natural approach.

Originally developed in Switzerland in 1975, Arbonne was created by a team of biologists and herbologists who set out to create a line of botanically-based skincare. Tired of the empty promises given by chemically-ridden lines, Arbonne was crafted to provide clean, yet effective, ways to combat common skincare issues. Eventually the company branched out and began to create natural cosmetics as well. The idea caught on and Arbonne exploded onto the scene.

All natural

Spectacular Skincare

Tired of tired-looking skin? Arbonne has a product for that! Each scientifically tested line has research to back it up. For example, the RE9 Advanced line is packed with peony root, algae extract, and jojoba seed oil, which promote the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin. After just 8 weeks, 86% of those who used it experienced a lift and tightening in the mid-face area.

If you’re more concerned with clearing up your acne than firming and contouring your skin, consider the Clear Future line. With clean ingredients, including salicylic acid and botanicals, over 91% of users said that they’d recommend it to their friends.

No matter your skin type or skin concerns, Arbonne has a clinically proven skincare line that can help. From their line developed specifically for men, to their line designed to combat against external stressors, there’s a product line to suit you and your individual needs.

Makeup Madness

Arbonne is dedicated to the improvement of skin in its entirety. Their efforts don’t stop with skincare. Arbonne also provides a full array of makeup products. From their flawless finish foundation to their eye enhancing shadows, you can choose from a variety of shades and colors. Whether you love corals and reds, or you prefer purples and darker hues, there are options to compliment every skin tone and skin type. With Arbonne makeup, you’re sure to look radiant!

Taking care of your skin is a continuous journey. From the moment you wake up, it’s your job to protect your body’s largest organ. Start your day off right with Arbonne. From their skincare to their luxurious makeup, your goal of having perfect skin this spring will be easy to reach with the help of your mobile hair & makeup stylist in Washington, DC. To learn more, request an appointment today with Carla Pressley Hair and Makeup!