How to Look Your Best for a Black Tie Event

Chances are that you're going to attend a black tie event at some point in your life, especially if you've got a lot of close friends. Even if you and your friends aren't usually the type of people who get dressed up for a night in Adams Morgan or other neighborhoods in Washington, weddings often bring out that desire for a night, and many people love the chance to make their wedding a formal affair.

If you're not used to dressing up, it can seem difficult to put together the perfect outfit for the event, including hair, makeup, and accessories. Fortunately, an appointment with a mobile hair stylist in Washington, DC, can give you a great start, and from there, it's a matter of choosing a style that works for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind!

Choose a Dress Color You Love

When choosing a dress for a wedding, there are two main rules: don't look like the bride and don't look like one of her bridesmaids if you're not in that role. That still gives you several options to be as fabulous or comfortable as you would like.

A dark, elegant color is a great way to both accomplish this and make you feel fantastic. If black's not your thing, go for something along the lines of maroon, navy, or purple, depending on what colors are available. Each will make you look classy without drawing too much attention to yourself. You want to look your best without standing out, whether it's a wedding or a regular classy event. I personally love deep jewel tones and something I can wear comfortably.

Use Quality Jewelry

At a black tie event, jewelry should look classy and match the outfit. The nicer the jewelry is, the more appropriate it is for an event like this, as long as it matches your dress and your hair. Silver is often a great choice for these kinds of events because it pairs well with dark colors and it speaks to elegance, creating the exact image that you're trying to craft!

Take Your Time

You don't want to rush your look for a black tie event. If there are pictures, and there likely will be, you'll want to make sure you look your absolute best. That's where taking your time on your makeup and using a mobile hair stylist in Washington, DC, can help. By patiently making yourself look your best, you'll feel confident and look fantastic for the event, setting the stage for a memorable evening! Have some fun dressing up!