The Best Fall Wedding Trends

If you're a bride preparing for a fall wedding, congratulations! You probably know by now that there’s a long list of aspects of the wedding that you need to plan. One that you’ll remember for years to come, though, will be your appearance on the big day. You will be photographed countless times, and you only have one chance to get the look that you want. One of the most important steps is finding the right bridal hair and makeup artist in Washington, DC, who can get you exactly what you want. However, it helps to know what you want before you go in for your appointment, so you may want to consider some of the most fashionable trends for this coming fall that will still be timeless when you look back on the day years later.


This year, makeup is about making a statement with one aspect of your look. If you work with the right hair and makeup artist in Washington, DC, you can find a dramatic smoky eye or glowing cheekbones if you want a serious look. For something a little more fun, turn the attention to your lips by finding a bright lip. Go for this at the reception, after our ceremony, if it suits you better. The skin should be the focus. You can either create a flushed cheek look or go for a youthful look. For something a little different but still wedding-appropriate, think about matching your gown by highlighting your makeup with white, silver, or other pale colors. I love a pale pink eye!


This year, hairdos are all about blending modern with traditional styles. A good hair and makeup artist in Washington, DC, Carla Pressley, will be able to show you books of style options, but there are a few to consider beforehand. For instance, you could braid the top part of your hair before gathering it into a low updo or half updo, or you could skip the braids altogether and go for a relaxed bun in a twist on a classic style. During your trial take a bunch of photos of the different ways to frame your face. Compare the photos and choose the style you really stand out in!


Most brides work accessories into or over their hair, usually a veil, but not always. It makes the process smoother if you discuss these accessories with your bridal hair and makeup artist in Washington, DC, so that they match your hairstyle, and everything gets the right amount of attention. For instance, if you have a lot of detail in your hair that you don’t want to cover up, you may want to skip the veil and go for a floral comb or hair pin. I’ve seen brides borrow a brooch to use as a hair pin or just extra bits from their flower bouquet. Here’s a link to schedule a trial with me if you are in the DMV.