Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot

Whether taking professional pictures for a wedding, a prom, or for maternity shots, you want to look your best. These pictures will be looked at for years, and everyday hair and makeup just won’t do. Perfect your look with these tips on hair and makeup and capture the camera with your beauty.


  • Cuts: Don’t get your hair cut on the day of the photo shoot in case something goes wrong. Instead, plan your haircut at least two weeks before the big day.
  •  Flyaways: Though they are hard to eliminate, flyaways can be managed with a light spritz of hairspray.
  • Body: For the best body, try lifting sprays or mousse, then blow-dry your hair up and away from your body.  if you have bangs always tackle those 1st
  • Finish: Perfect hair is just a bit fussy, so make your look more natural by loosening it up. End with a soft-hold hairspray and whatever accessories will complete your look.


  • Skin: Start with a deep cleanse, perhaps using a facial mask. Then moisturize your face to avoid dry and distracting skin. Keep it young, dewy and glowing.
  • Face: Applying makeup in natural light will help ensure evenness. Use a good primer as a base to conceal any pores or lines. Then apply foundation with a wet sponge, followed by a concealer, and lastly a bronzer for definition.
  • Eyes: Aim for a perfect amount of makeup on your eyes, balancing between emphasizing them and overdoing it. Avoid heavy and dark makeup that will look too dark in photos, and instead go with a subtle eye shadow, complimentary eyeliner, and mascara. I usually do the eyes 1st, and then clean up any mess it’s made under the eyes.
  • Finish: Take a quick glance over your face to catch any unwanted facial hair or uncovered pores. Add any final touches to your face, including lipstick, blush, or a translucent powder.

To make sure you look great for your next photo shoot, go to a professional hair and makeup artist in Washington DC, Carla Pressley, who will create the look that is perfect for you. Call or request an appointment today.