Makeup Tips for Summer Brides

Everything must be perfect for your wedding, and that includes your makeup. Check out these tips for bridal hair and makeup in Washington, DC, from Carla Pressley, the DC Makeup Pro.

Too Much Moisture

Skip your moisturizer routine the morning of your wedding. The extra layer of shine will make you look oily. This will show more prominently in close-up photos and selfies. Instead, reach for an oil-free primer before you apply and finishing your face with a setting spray. Or apply moisturizer the night before and stay hydrated leading up to your wedding. Water is life so stay hydrated that way you feel energized on your wedding. 

Over Bronzing

For spring and summer weddings, a little bit of bronze will give you a healthy glow. However, too much bronzer will make your skin look too shiny especially if you're using flash photography. Start working on your natural glow a few weeks before your wedding by getting a few minutes of sun every day. Add just a hint shimmer on your big day using a matte powder instead of liquid or cream-based bronzer.

Tear-Proof Eyes

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s perfectly natural to shed a few tears. With the right makeup, you won’t have to worry about touching up after a special moment. In addition to waterproof mascara, invest in an eyeshadow primer for your lids and a gel-liner that won’t streak or blot.  

Dark Circles

When it comes to spring and summer weddings, most brides prefer the natural look for their eyes. Dark eyeshadow and heavy liner will make you look older depending on the location of the sun in the sky. For example, an afternoon sun will cause shadowing under your brows and give the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Too much contouring will also ruin your photos depending on the lighting at your location. Experiment with your bridal hair and makeup in Washington, DC, by visiting your venue before your wedding to see how the light looks on your skin.