Spring Wedding Hair and Make Up Trends

Looking for hair and makeup inspiration for your spring wedding? Current trends range from fearless dos to going almost all natural. If you want help picking the perfect look for you, wedding hair and makeup artists in Washington, DC, can help you every step of the way. Here are the latest favorites in hair and makeup design to get you started. 


The up-dos are making their appearance on many brides this spring. Braids continue to be a favorite, especially matched with loose face-framing strands of hair. However, the low bun is a casual yet beautiful option, as well as using a bright metallic or silver string to wrap an up-do in order to punctuate a complex, yet unfussy look.

Many brides are migrating towards a laid-back, more contemporary hairstyle with free-flowing waves, casual beach curls, or a slick-back style. Adding accessories like bows, flowers, or the unique veil and bun combination can make your already beautiful hairstyle radiate even more.


Let’s first focus on the most prevailing trends for your lips. Many brides are opting for daring shades, like a deep ruby red, for that powerful, confident look. Others prefer muted, natural lip colors, perhaps adding a bit of gloss, or using a soft pink shade.

For eyes, one of the hottest trends is defining those eyes in big, bold ways. Strong eyebrows are a current favorite, which is a great way to make those eyes pop while adding dimension to your look.

Perhaps you prefer makeup that accentuates your natural beauty. Using minimal makeup, brown eye shadow, a light foundation, and rosy blush for a healthy, organic look is currently a bride favorite. To add a bit of flair to a bare makeup look, you can define features by adding white highlighter around the eyes, or a subtle dash of metallic color across the lash line.

After you have a couple of ideas for your wedding look, a local hair stylist and makeup artist can help you capture exactly what you have in mind.