Choosing a Hair Stylists and Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

When planning your wedding day, it helps to have a solid support team behind you. Your hair stylist and makeup artist are important people who can help you tackle your wedding day look. Hiring a hair stylist and makeup artist might be a good choice for you if feeling calm and relaxed on the morning of your wedding is the goal. If you aren’t comfortable doing special event hair and makeup on your own, or if you get nervous under pressure, look for a professional to take the wheel and allow you to enjoy your morning or afternoon getting ready. But, how do you choose the best beauty gurus for your big day?

Know Your Budget

A lot of women don’t think they can afford to hire a hair and makeup team, or they decide to do it themselves to save money. Having experts to beautify you on your wedding day can be an investment, but makeup and hair artists in Washington, DC, can be found at every price point. Long after you’ve said "I do," you’ll have photos to remember your day. Professionals know how to make you look your best in real life and in pictures.

Do Trial Runs

A trial run with a potential hair stylist or makeup artist is essential. It allows you to convey your vision for your wedding day look, and gives you preview of what you will look like during your nuptials. Professional stylists keep track of what they used and how it worked on your skin and hair, so every detail of your trial is written down. This makes the whole look easy to recreate for your wedding, and you’ll be sure to love it.

Hire Someone You Click With

Working with someone you like on a personal level will make your whole getting ready process more enjoyable. Of course, you want to hire someone whose work you love, but being able to have fun with them is a special bonus. You want to work with someone who will make you feel comfortable. You’ll be spending a significant amount of time with these people, and you want to enjoy that time.

Nowadays it’s possible to find mobile wedding hair and makeup in Washington DC. Find someone who fits your budget, do a hair and makeup trial, and work with someone you enjoy, and you’ll look and feel beautiful on your wedding day.