Top Hairstyles to Try This Summer Wedding

With the magnificent sunsets and gentle sea breezes, summer is the most popular season for outdoor weddings. And with summer comes soaring temperatures. The heat can pose a challenge to wedding hair and makeup in Northern Virginia. Humidity can cause hair to become frizzy, and large hairdos can make the bride overheat. Fortunately, there are trendy, lightweight hairstyles that help you beat the heat while looking romantic and refreshed. Here are some of the top wedding hairstyles for summer.  


A French term that refers to a bun that grazes the neck, the Chignon is a timelessly elegant hairstyle for a summer wedding. Your wedding makeup and hairstyle artist in Northern Virginia can transform your chignon by placing the style low, high, or to the side.  The latest trend is to create a romantic chignon, which offers a soft, sophisticated look to your tresses.  

Rope Braid Bun 

A low rope braided bun combines style with effortless charm. Plus, there are numerous variations your wedding makeup artist and hairstylist can use to create a unique look for your big day. This can include adding an unusual accessories or flowers, creating a fishtail braid, or pulling a few strands out and curling them.

Textured, Twisted Ponytail  

If you are looking for a more casual, fun look, then the Textured, twisted ponytail is perfect. This hairstyle provides a rock and roll vibe to the classic French twist. Best of all, the textured, twisted ponytail is easy to achieve and affordable. With this carefree wedding do, you will save big on wedding hair and makeup costs in Northern Virginia.   

Soft Waves 

Soft waves provide a relaxed, feminine style perfect for weddings at the beach.  This look is great for all hairstyles and lengths. You can amp up the glamour by opting for sleek, retro waves or loose waves swept to the side. You can also create a dreamy, romantic look by adding a rhinestone hairpiece or fresh flower crown on top. 

Summer weddings long braids

Long Braids

Long Braids look amazing on short, long, curly and straight haircuts. The best wedding hair and makeup stylists in Northern Virginia have an arsenal of braided hairstyles that will work for all types of summer weddings. Braided hairstyles can be romantic, classy, whimsical, and fun. Plus, there are numerous ways to add a modern twist to this timeless style. Side swept braids provide a majestic look for beach or garden ceremonies.  Combining braids with a ponytail gives you an angelic look, while a fishtail braid with a teased crown creates a more glamorous style.  

If you are interested to learning more about summer hairstyles for weddings in Northern Virginia, visit Carla Pressleyโ€™s blog online or if you are looking to find a mobile makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding or next event  request an appointment today.